About Us

Rumors and legends abound around who Floyd Beaumont really is.

Did he really leave his native Arkadelphia, Arkansas to tour the deep South with "Doc" Samuel O’Barley's famous medicine show ? Did he grow up in Dallas' infamous Deep Elem district and did he really learn to play guitar from Blind Buddy Norwood ? And what about the fabled recording sessions on the Goldbird label, with Johnnie Rodgersand the Bowmore Brothers ?

But never mind truth or lore, Floyd Beaumont & The Arkadelphians were founded in late 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland, by four friends who shared a passion for the blues. They specialize in playing the various shades of pre-war acoustic blues. The music played by Floyd Beaumont & The Arkadelphians is rooted in the tradition of American music, from Delta moans to white «Hillbilly Boogie»; from sophisticated urban swing urbain to the rural authenticity of string bands. Playing on street corner or upstage under the spotlights, the blues of Floyd Beaumonresonates with the rich heritage of these styles.

The band's main influences are artists from the 1920s through the 1950s, such as the bluesmen Son House, Robert Johnson, Bukka White, Tampa Red, Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Kokomo Arnold or the Mississippi Sheiks and country artists Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers and the Delmore Brothers.

Floyd Beaumont & The Arkadelphians are:
  • Enno "Floyd Beaumont" Geissler - vocals, acoustic and slide guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle.
  • "Slapping" Ralph Cornaz- upright bass, ukulele bass
  • David "The String-picker" Courby - acoustic and slide guitar, banjo.
  • Steve "Rattlebrained" Litsios - Washboard, Rhythm Bones, Percussion
  • Stef "Charlyson" Turin - harmonica 

Together they'll deliver their unique musical blend of genuine American Roots Music, for your entertainment and pleasure.

or to put it in Floyd's words: « Keep ‘em coming ! »